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    In many civil engineering projects our trench shoring systems have been contributing to efficiency and safety.
  • E+S Trench shoring systems
  • KRINGS Trench shoring systems


Emunds + Staudinger and Krings Verbau
Global safety
In many civil engineering projects at home and abroad, the trench shoring systems from Emunds + Staudinger (E+S) have been contributing to efficiency and safety for over 60 years.

As specialists in rental and sales, our shoring professionals cooperate with their project partners in developing effective strategies for successful project completion. This includes comprehensive support, detailed consultations, solution-driven project supervision and a well-organized after-sales service.

Pipe grab RG 2500 / RG 5000
The Krings pipe grabs are facilities for safe transportation and handling of pipes, witch have done good jobs every day at many pipe-laying sites throughout many years. After picking up their load, the grab arms are secured automatically. A locking system is to prevent accidental release. The automatic pipe grabs show a number of benefits, one of which is, above all, the economical and safe operation. Additionally, they are characterized by optimum gripping of the pipes. Even pipes of great length will safely be held in horizontal position. The pipe grab works according to the scissors principle. The take-up of pipes is implemented with the weight providing the closure force. The gripper plates take up the pipes below the pipe diameter. The pipe grabs are equipped with an automatic step mechanism.

    This presupposes:
  • 1. The opened pipe grab is located axially on the pipe. The pipe grab is completely unloaded.
  • 2. With lifting, an automatic closure of the closing gear occurs. The pipe is lifted in a non-positive way.
  • 3. The pipe is relocated. The pipe grab is completely unloaded.
  • 4. After the settling and absolute unloading of the pipe grab, a security handle must be pulled to open it. This prevents an unintentional opening of the pipe grab. The automatic closing gear now opens the arms of the pipe grab. The pipe grab can be raised.

The technical details regarding employment, maintenance and care are listed in the operating manual for the pipe grab. With every employment of the device the operation steps indicated there are to be adhered exactly.

Round grab WIMAG
The strong combination of grab and sling for the safe handling of cylindrical parts (pipes, cylinders) ...

Pipe puller WIMAG
Advantages of the Pipe Puller RZE

  • No trailing cables due to battery operation
  • Pulling operation via polyester sling - therefore, no injuries
  • Simple adjustment to suit the required nominal width via spindle or exchange of the support
  • Due to the large clamping surface, no damage to the inside pipe wall
  • Control panels indicating pressure of the hydraulic installation and the output of the battery
  • Easy release of the pipe puller within the pipe after the pulling operation
  • Wheels adjust to suit the inside wall, therefore, easy handling within the pipe
  • Operation possible for reinforced square and rectangular pipes
  • An additional adapter allows the joining of pipes up to 3000 mm nom. width

Pipe suspension grabs WIMAG
A rubber-coated pipe suspension grab is needed for smooth, painted or coated manholes! Pipe suspension grabs for manholes according to DIN 4034.

Sheet-pile clamb WIMAG
The clamp for the handling of sheet piles. Automatic opening and locking.

Container for decentralized waste disposal
The use of model 70 self-tipping container in a wide variety of industries testifies to its versatility in the transportation of bulky or liquid goods.
To unload the container's contents, the driver merely has to drive the container with the front skid against the side-board of a truck or another collection container. The tipping mechanism combined with the container's center of gravity is designed to facilitate the emptying of the entire contents and the pivoting of the empty container back into its original transport position on the forklift truck's sleeves. This procedure is maintenance-free and does not demand any further involvement by the operator. Another advantage is that several containers can be stacked one on top of the other. The container can also be fitted with polyamide wheels. Other volumes and customized dimensions are available on request.